Monday, March 4, 2013

Free Download Baidu PC Faster + Antivirus Beta Software

Baidu PC Faster + Antivirus Beta Software free Download

Baidu PC Faster + Antivirus solution all-in-one for protection and optimization of the operation of the system. Perform maintenance of the OS, optimizing the time of its load, clearing the hard drive of unnecessary data. Plus, use free anti-virus with two engines Baidu and Avira.

Baidu PC Faster allows you to save the functioning of your computer fast and responsive throughout the whole period of its use.

With the help of one click You can perform a full maintenance, including the optimization of the system loading time, clean the hard drive of unnecessary files and much more.

The solution incorporates the possibility of free anti-virus Baidu Antivirus for fast and efficient protection of your computer. Baidu PC Faster doing the work and the protection of your computer even faster and safer, offering 4-level optimization and protection system.

AC main features of Baidu PC Faster

?Ђ? Real-time protection
Uses Google Antivirus, cloudy engine Baidu Cloud Security together with the anti-virus engine Avira Antivirus to provide comprehensive protection from all types of online threats in the real-time mode.

?Ђ? The Manager of loading time
Have you noticed that your PC's startup process takes more and more time? The Manager of a time downloading allows you to remove unnecessary items, which may delay the launch of Windows.

?Ђ? Clean up unnecessary files
Over time the memory of the computer is filled with unnecessary files, magazines and old records of the registry. Utility cleanup frees unused space, to increase the speed of your computer.

?Ђ? Checking system status
After removing the clutter on your computer Baidu PC Faster checks the system for the resolution of any outstanding issues that affect the security and performance of your computer.